Minute of SDG 6 meeting held at the international exhibition center on 11th may 2022.

Minute of SDG 6 meeting held at the international exhibition center on 11th may 2022.

The meeting started at 2:18 pm with five (5) members in attendance. The opening
prayer was said by Engr. Olasehinde. Then, followed by the coordinator opening
remark. He appreciated the members in attendance, reeled out the goals before them,
stated the agenda of the meeting as he declared the meeting open.
Programmes for the Year 2022
Prof. Ojediran emphasized the importance of SDG7 and how we could contribute as
a member. He suggested setting our focus on two (2) goals; advocacy of public on
energy efficiency and proper management practices as well as development of
biomass bricketing for domestic use. To further support Prof Ojediran position, Dr.
Aliyu campaigned for the validation of biomass bricketing before optimizing for
domestic use. He also added that the Hydropower generation from the Landmark

university dam could be exploited for energy users within the community and Omu-
Aran environs. Another initiative suggested to demonstrate our commitment to Clean

and affordable energy was installation of solar energy or panel to some strategic
buildings within the university. Lastly, he talked on collaboration with other agencies
or institutions championing SDG 7. Engr. Okoji proposed scaling up of already
published works on renewable energy so that the community could benefit, and as
such encouraged other researchers in that field.
The meeting agreed to host a webinar on the renewable and affordable energy in a
time to be disclosed in our next meeting. An international guest would be sought to
ensure good visibility.
SDG Members
In the meeting, Engr Olasehinde suggested inclusion of postgraduate students as
members of various SDG groups. He stressed that it would enhance the effort of the
university and ensured active participation.

Meeting Period
The meeting agreed to meet twice in a month; the meeting day would be on Tuesday
between 2- 3pm. Further consultation was proposed to be sought before finalizing on
the meeting time.
Appointment of Secretary
The meeting nominated Engr Olasehinde from the Department of Agricultural and
Biosystem engineering to be the new secretary of SDG 7.
Closing remark was said by the coordinator who thanked all the members in
attendance; six (6) members at the time of closing. The meeting ended at 3:06 pm.
The closing prayer was said by Dr. A. E. Taiwo, followed by the group photograph at
the SDG 7 stand (attached to this report).
Members in attendance:
Prof Ojediran
Dr. Aliyu.
Engr. Olasehinde
Dr. A. E. Taiwo
Dr. I. Okoji
Dr. Olayomi Falowo

Coordinator (SDG 7)
Dr. A. O. Falowo