Minute of SDG 6 meeting held at the international exhibition center on 11th may 2022.

Minute of SDG 6 meeting held at the international exhibition center on 11th may 2022.

The meeting started at 2:10 pm with opening prayer said by Dr Adebiyi OT Vincent. The team lead
welcomed everyone present and appreciated them for their contributions so far to moving SDG 6 forward.
She stated that the leadership of SDG 6 was recently changed, however commended the effort of the
immediate past team lead Eng Rapheal David since inception. She further said the recent impact ranking of
the university was solely obtained by the SDG, which made LMU to be ranked among 801-1000. Thanking
God for the new feat, she however stated that much work need to be done to ensure that the success is
The business of the day was on SDG 6 Times Higher requirement which was sent by LUCRID to all SDG
groups. The house deliberated on some of the metrics/indicators and arrived at the following for execution:

  1. A WhatsApp group should be created for all members of the group
  2. A courtesy visit should be made to Physical Planning and Development unit (PPD) as they

would be a key component of support to our various drives.

  1. A proposal for free drinking water at least for visitors would be sent for approval by management and
  2. We would identify drought tolerant plant and where it can be planted across campus
  3. A proposal on waste water treatment plant would be developed
  4. We would drive to educate the local community on water management and sanitation amongst others.

Meeting ended at 2:55 pm with closing prayer said by Mr. Dopamu.
Dr Inyinbor, A.A
Dr Adebiyi O.T.V
Mr Dopamu Kehinde O.
Mrs Alejolowo E.A