Landmark University Waste Disposal Landfill Action Plan

Landmark University Waste Disposal Landfill Action Plan

Action plan Statement

 Landmark University is dedicated to disposing of waste produced on campus in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. In order to maintain compliance with safety and environmental regulations, this waste disposal landfill action plan describes the policies and procedures that must be followed while managing a landfill on university property.

1. Landfill Management and Operation

  • Landmark University will look after and run a landfill to get rid of waste produced on campus. All applicable environmental permits and federal, state, and municipal laws shall be followed in the management of the landfill.
  • Qualified staff in charge of overseeing the landfill’s day-to-day operations and ensuring adherence to safety and environmental regulations will be in charge.

Waste Segregation and Reduction: 2.1. Recycling and waste reduction are priorities for Landmark University. Recycling and composting initiatives will be aggressively supported, and all waste produced on campus will be separated at the source.

2. The landfill will be the last destination for garbage that is neither recyclable nor compostable.

3. Environmental Impact Mitigation

  • Landmark University will put policies in place to reduce the landfill facility’s negative environmental effects, such as air quality monitoring, leachate management, and odour control.
  • To find and resolve any possible environmental problems, assessments shall be carried out on a regular basis.

4. Safety and Compliance 

  • In order to safeguard employees, guests, and the environment, the landfill site will abide by safety regulations and norms. There shall be devised and upheld safety procedures.
  • The university will carry out recurring inspections to guarantee adherence to all relevant safety and environmental laws.

5. Monitoring and Reporting

  • To evaluate the landfill’s effects on the environment and public health, regular reporting and monitoring of its operations shall be carried out.
  • In compliance with legislative mandates, reports shall be made accessible to the relevant regulatory bodies and the general public.

6. Closure and Post-Closure Care

  • Following the termination of garbage disposal activities, the landfill facility will be appropriately closed and maintained to prevent environmental harm.
  • Activities related to post-closure care will be completed in accordance with environmental rules.

7. Training and Education: Training on environmental responsibilities, safety procedures, and waste disposal will be provided to university staff, contractors, and other pertinent stakeholders.

8. Community Engagement: Landmark University is committed to fostering active community engagement by addressing concerns, disseminating information, and soliciting comments regarding landfill operations and impacts.

9. Continual Improvement: By routinely assessing and revising this action plan and putting best training into practice, the university is dedicated to continual improvement in waste management and landfill operations.

10. Action plan Review:  Periodically, this action plan will be examined to make sure it is in line with evolving laws and industry best practices.

Landmark University is committed to encouraging waste reduction and proper waste management on campus while operating a landfill facility that complies with the strictest environmental and safety regulations. It is the duty of every member of the university community to abide by this action plan.

Effective Date: February 6, 2023 to February 27, 2025 Review Date: February 27, 2025

Developed SDG-12 implementation and Monitoring Committee

  1. Dr. Olaniran Abiola F SDG-12 Coordinator
  2. Dr. Okeniyi
  3. Dr, Adebiyi
  4. Engr. Dr. Taiwo A. E
  5. Mrs Iranloye Yetunde M.
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