Landmark University is committed to lessening its influence on the environment and supporting sustainable practises, which includes lowering the usage of plastics on campus. This Plastic Use Minimization Action plan describes our commitment to lowering plastic waste by using a range of tactics and directives.

Planned policies

  1. Plastic Reduction Strategies
  1. Wherever practicable, Landmark University will prioritise the use of recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable materials over single-use plastics and plastic-based products.
  2. The university shall encourage the use of non-plastic goods in offices, dining facilities, and other campus spaces.
  3. The university shall give preference to easily recyclable materials with little environmental impact where using plastic is necessary.
  1. Plastic-Free Events
  1. The use of plastic items and packaging shall be kept to a minimum for all events and activities supported by the university.
  2. Organisers of events will be urged to use eco-friendly substitutes, like reusable cutlery, dishes, and cups, and to stay away from single-use plastic packaging and decorations.
  3. Reducing Plastic Waste in Dining Facilities:
  1. The dining establishments at Landmark University will reduce the amount of single-use plastic straws, cutlery and takeaway containers that are used.
  2. Customers will be given the option to reuse products; single-use plastic items will only be provided upon request.
  3. Recycling and Appropriate Disposal: 

Throughout campus, the university will make sure that recycling bins and clearly marked collection locations for plastic trash are available.

The campus community will be educated and made aware of suitable recycling and disposal practises for plastic trash through education and awareness initiatives.

  1. Procurement and Supplier Engagement 
  1. Suppliers and vendors who follow eco-friendly procedures and provide non-plastic substitutes for goods and packaging will be given preference by Landmark University.
  2. Vendors shall be incentivized to curtail the utilisation of plastic packaging and minimise the proportion of plastic components in the items they supply to the university.
  1. Initiatives to Encourage a Plastic-Free Campus: The University will investigate and back programmes that encourage a plastic-free campus, like water refill stations, reusable water bottles, and environmentally friendly building and maintenance materials.
  2. Landmark University will track and evaluate its progress towards reducing the amount of plastic used on campus on a regular basis.
  3. Programmes and initiatives aimed at educating faculty, staff, and students about the value of sustainable practises and reducing plastic use shall be carried out.
  4. To make sure this action plan is in line with evolving laws and industry best practises for reducing plastic waste, it will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Landmark University is dedicated to a future that is ecologically conscious and sustainable. By implementing this Plastic Use Minimization Action plan, we hope to lessen our own impact on plastic trash and encourage a sustainable mindset among the students on our campus.

Effective Date: May 5, 2023 – May 30 2024.

Dr. Olaniran Abiola F

SDG-12 Team lead and Chair- Action plan Committee 

Department of Food Science and Nutrition

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