Annual sustainability report toward the achievement of SDG-12 goals

Annual sustainability report toward the achievement of SDG-12 goals

Annual sustainability report towards achievement of SDG-12 goals

The United Nations has set out Sustainable Development Goal 12, which is to guarantee sustainable patterns of production and consumption. In order to lessen the detrimental effects of consumption and production on the environment and society, it promotes the wise use of resources, waste reduction, and the adoption of sustainable practises.From August 2022 to August 2023, Landmark University worked to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12): Responsible Consumption and Production. This sustainability report gives a detailed account of their activities. These report are on the organization’s dedication to sustainability, its advancements in responsible production and consumption, the difficulties it has experienced, and its future plans for improvement. The institution’s monitoring team sustainability report is also summary of evaluating the institution’s progress towards SDG 12 and in directing future initiatives for responsible production and consumption. It validated the organization’s dedication to responsible behaviour and sustainable development.

SDG 12 has a number of goals and metrics to gauge effectiveness. The following are the main goals of responsible production and consumption:

  1. Guarantee patterns of production and consumption that are sustainable.
  2. Attain sustainable resource management and effective natural resource utilisation.
  3. Decrease the production of garbage significantly.
  4. Motivate businesses to implement sustainable practises.
  5. Encourage a sustainable culture.

Several action plans have been drafted and awareness programmes such as public lectures, inaugural lectures and webinars have been organized in the year 2023.

The committee will like to recommend that action plans that have yielded positive results can be reviewed to become a policy in years to come.

Thank you.

Prepared by: SDG 12 Monitoring Team Members (September, 25, 2023)

  1. Dr. Olaniran Abiola F SDG Coordinator
  2. Dr. Okeniyi
  3. Dr, Adebiyi
  4. Engr. Dr. Taiwo A. E
  5. Mrs Iranloye Yetunde M.