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Leadership advance which commenced 9.00am is one of such great platforms created by Landmark and Covenant Universities’ Chancellor to inspire the staff on quality spiritual and academic standing that will enhance productivity and delivery. The advance, started with an opening prayer by the CU Chaplain. This was followed by a praise and worship session. 

The Vice-Chancellor Covenant, Prof. Abiodun H. Adebayo gave the opening remarks on the essence of the Leadership Advance.  In his words, he said “this leadership advance is to open new chapters for us as individuals and institution as a whole”. He later invited the Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents of both CU and LMU, Dr. David O. Oyedepo to the podium for the presentations.

The Chancellor made five (5) presentations as follows:

Presentation 1: Unveiling the Spiritual Root of Our University Systems:

The Chancellor commenced the presentation with this statement: “It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful”. The first presentation clearly revealed that there was a clear directive from God on the take-off of Covenant University. After the acquisition of about 530 hectares of land, God instructed him on grouping the land into three (3). These are: 

  • Shiloh – my place of appearance,
  •  Hebron – the place of raising generational leaders, kings and queens and 
  •  Moriah – the place of sacrifice.

Following God’s directives, obedience and backing, Federal Government issued a license to operate Covenant University on 12th February 2002.  The building of Colleges, Senate buildings and Halls of Residence were completed within a space of seven (7) months without borrowing.

This is the handwork of God the Founder, Funder and Runner of the University!!!

The operations began with most of the Staff being drafted from the Commission, the Registrar, DSA, DFS, and Chaplain.  The pioneer Vice Chancellor was Prof. Bola Ayeni while Pst. Yemi Nathaniel was the pioneer Registrar of Covenant University. He further expounded on the departure philosophy of these two universities and that all operations are guided by the Core Values, Vision, Mission and the philosophy of the universities. He ended the first presentation by emphasizing the words of T.L. Osborn.. “when you stop learning, you start dying”.

Presentation 2: Impact is defined by Faithfulness:

Faithfulness is one vital kingdom principle, he asserted.  The major highlights from the presentation are as follows:

  • Stewardship without faithfulness makes a servant, Joseph could have died if he succumbed to the pressure of Potiphar’s wife (Gen 39:9). Moses perhaps would have ended up cattle rarer till his death if he was not faithful to his in-law (Heb. 3:1-4).
  • The faithfulness of Daniel enthroned him in Babylon (Dan 3). Daniel was relevant and worked with different kings because of his faithfulness.
  • Faithfulness always pays and unfaithfulness is at a cost.
  • Every faithful steward finds their way to the top, they will be enthroned.
  • “You can’t be pulling down others and expect to go up”
  • “When you pull up you go up”
  • “Don’t foul the water from where you drink”
  • “Every faithful steward, is on high way to enthronement”

Presentation 3: Demands of Leadership Development:

Nothing is developed by chance, what makes a leader is being able to see ahead of others Gen.13:14-15.  

He affirmed that potential leaders think the future, while emerging leaders are explorers of things yet to seen. “It is our thought today that determines our take tomorrow”

He expounded on emerging leadership etiquette as follows: 

  • Think contribution;
  • Think solution;
  • Think the way out;
  • Think the way forward;
  • Think the future;
  • Think the coming generation;

They must be passion-driven (purpose driven), passionate, courageous in disposition, daring in action, highly optimistic.

Presentation 4: Pursuit of Excellence in Leadership Development:

 Excellence is defined as a product of one’s tireless commitment to improvement and learning better ways of doing things. He focused more on studious lifestyle and hard work as attributes that made the biblical Daniel and Apostle Paul to stand out among their equals in their days. Daniel was relevant in the nation of Babylon because he developed himself spiritually, Paul wrote almost half of the new testament because of doggedness approach – 2 Cor. 4:13, Eph. 3:1-11, 2 Pet, 3:15.

This fourth session was followed with another round of praises for five (5) minutes.

40 Strong Bible Scriptures on Praising God – ConnectUS

Presentation 5: Addressing Policy Issues of the University:

  The Chancellor gave a vivid explanation of the “policy as an operational manual that guides the operations of a forward moving institution. Policies vary from one institution to another. The Mandate is an operational manual of our commission, it explores who we are, what we do, why we do them and how we do them. This guides all the various arms of the commission not only the university. So, it is needful to have a policy framework that runs the administration of an institution. He further gave illustrative account of four world class universities that are taking the lead in best practices.

These four oldest institutions in the United State (US) were considered with their different uniqueness that sustain their respective world-class status hitherto:

  • Harvard University (380 years old): This institution was established in 1642, have its first completed building in 1644. The first 157 years of the institution were headed by Clergymen.  It has Christian culture that sustains the institution to date.
  • Yale University (321 years old): was established in 1701, guided her operations with Christian doctrine and culture.
  • Princeton University (276 years old): Established in 1746, this institution embraces Christian culture in its operations.
  • Columbia University (268 years old): was established in 1754 with a solid Christian culture that sustains her till date.

In all, the relevance of these institutions are traceable to their Christian foundation and that America prides in these institutions.

The chancellor reiterated that Landmark and Covenant, operate based on the policy framework. It is the employer that defines the terms of service of the employee. 

He concluded that the advance is a directive/instructive/rescue mission for the Faculty and Staff in attendance.

Take home from the Advance by Faculty and Staff:

Some attendee remarked that the advance 

  1. was instructive;
  2. educative;
  3. inspired further spiritual awakening;
  4. a presentation on owning the vision as a stakeholder;

From the management platform, the advance was:

  1. Another great opportunity to touch base with the Chancellor;
  2. A quality platform to receive spiritual nuggets and be inspired;
  3. A moment of instructive nuggets for better and quality delivery;
  4. Another inspiring moment to receive deep knowledge on advantages of hearing and obeying God. This is evident in the established Covenant and Landmark Universities. 
  5. A great opportunity to maximize the time and season of students being out of school to enrich our spiritual and knowledge base as workers in God’s vineyard.


A total of two hundred and eighty –one (281) out of a total of three hundred and seventeen (317) senior Faculty (ACS) and Staff (NTS) attended the Leadership Advance. The detail of attendance is pictorially presented below:


We at Landmark University, count it a great privilege to receive key spiritual and operational nuggets from the Chancellor. This advance as received, will sure advance us as individuals and workers in his vineyard and also take Landmark University to that expected destination of global impact and relevance IJN.

We thank you dear daddy and Chancellor.

The Leadership Advance ended at 12noon with blessings from the Chancellor.

Prof. Aremu, Charity