The meeting started at 2:09pm with an opening prayer by Mrs Ojeka-John  6 Rachael. The coordinator, Mr Olanrewaju Ajakaiye once again welcomed  7 members. He encouraged everyone who is given responsibility in the group  8 to be responsive as the survival of the group depends of great team work.  9 He added that opportunities to serve create avenues to increase in capacity. 


11 Update on Voter Awareness Campaign  

12 The coordinator giving a feedback on Voter Awareness Campaign said the  13 Campaign has been approved. Request have been made for campaign  14 materials (fliers, posters and banners) as well as logistics in terms of  15 transport and welfare but the team should be ready to utilise whatever is  16 provided. 

17 He said, because of issues with budget, branded T-shirts will not be  18 available, hence, individuals should come on white t-shirt and cap to 19 achieve uniformity. 

20 He reminded the team that the campaign is two edged because while the  21 sensitization is on, data will also be collected by the various research groups. 

He announced the meeting point to be Senate Building at 9am on the 24th 22 23 of June, 2022 and enjoined members present to encourage other team  24 members to turn out in good number. 

25 Prof. Ojediran mentioned the need to consider a pre-campaign. The team  26 lead responded that there is a plan to officially inform the Olomu of Omu 27 Aran as well as the Police Force. 

28 Meeting with the Vice Chancellor  

29 The coordinator, Mr Olanrewaju Ajakaiye intimated the group on the  30 outcome of the meeting which the Vice Chancellor had with all SDG leaders.  31 He said, the groups are expected to have addressed all the indictors  32 provided for deliberation/execution and by mid-July, the leadership of 

33 each team will make a presentation of the groups’ operation during the  34 semester. Evidences in form of pictures, videos and documents are needed  35 for the presentation. 


37 In driving the major goal of SDG 16, which is to promote peaceful and  38 inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for 39 all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, a  40 number of indicators have been itemized for deliberation. The group  41 deliberated on:  

42 Academic Freedom  

43 Mr Olanrewaju Ajakaiye said based on his knowledge of the University’s  44 handbook, the University supports academic freedom as long as it does not  45 contravene the core values, Departure Philosophy and regulatory standard.  46 According to him, academic freedom is the ability of a faculty or lecturer  47 to choose the modules operandi of how he wants to carry out his academic  48 and research engagement. This is obtainable mostly in public schools where  49 lecturers can take permission to be absent for a period of time for a research  50 adventure. 

51 Eyiatayo Oyeyipo opined that in actual sense there seem not to be  52 academic freedom in the University. Lecturers should be able to collapse 53 their lectures to two and three days and engage in research the other days.  

54 Prof Ojediran however, stated that the level of academic freedom enjoyed  55 in public university is beginning to have adverse effect on the system and  56 they are now trying to salvage it by adopting some policies from Private  57 Institutions. Many times, the freedom being clamoured for produces laxity  58 which is a major reason institutions and industries collapse in Nigeria. 

59 Hence, while raising the issue of academic freedom, it needs to be properly  60 defined else we might be proposing an unrealistic model. He stated that  61 even though there are issues of concern for us, the nature of the private  62 sector requires that anyone who subscribe to work must align. 

63 Mr Ajakaiye Olanrewaju corroborated with his personal experiences saying  64 that many graduates in Nigeria are victims of the academic freedom/failure.  65 He however, observed that since, many faculty and staff at Landmark are  66 quite dutiful, structures should be put in place to accommodate a level of 

67 freedom for hardworking faculty while checking those slacking. Strong  68 institutions can be built by trust and sincerity. 

69 Mrs Akerele-Popoola stressed the need to improve the feedback  70 mechanism of the Management. 

71 Publish Financial Data  

72 It was agreed that this document is within the jurisdiction of the  73 management.  

74 AOB  


76 The team lead welcomed new members (Mrs Ojeka-John Rachael & Mrs  77 Akerele-Popoola Oluwakemi). He specifically welcomed Prof. Ojediran 78 who is also a member of management. Prof Ojediran expressed joy noting  79 that he had been a member from inception. Excited at the life-impacting  80 goals of SDG 16, he promised to be available as much as possible.  

81 Mr Olanrewaju Ajakaiye again rolled out the three research groups and  82 their leaders even as new members identified areas of interest.  

83 1. Informal means of curbing insecurity  

84 Mr Eyitayo Oyeyipo (leader) 

85 Mr Ajakiaye Olanrewaju 

86 Prof. Ojediran  

87 2. Student Unionism  

88 Dr Agwu Ejem (leader)  

89 3. Voter Awareness Campaign  

90 Mr Owoeye Gbenga (leader) 

91 Mrs Ojeka-John Rachael 

92 Mrs Akerele-Popoola Oluwakemi 

93 Mrs Apalowo Jubilee  


95 Motion for the adjournment of the meeting was moved by Mr Adeniyi  96 Oye and seconded by Mrs Akerele-Popoola Oluwakemi 


98 The meeting was concluded at 3:06pm with a closing prayer by Mr Adeniyi  99 Oye 


101 1. Ajakaiye Olanrewaju 

102 2. Prof Ojediran 

103 3. Apalowo Jubilee 

104 4. Mrs Ojeka R.O 

105 5. Mrs Oluwakemi Akerele-Popoola 

106 6. Mr Eyitayo Oyeyipo 

107 7. Mr Adeniyi Oye 

108 PERMISSION  109 No one took permission to be absent from the meeting.