The Landmark University Counselling Unit (LMUCU) is design to help the University community (mostly students) in the development of all spheres of life such as; their academics, personal-social life and career wise (how to secure a job after university education). The unit is in line with provision of individualized care for its clients and looking through the challenges faced per-time in other for such client to function more efficiently and effectively.

The Counselling Unit based confidentiality as its ‘core value’. The unit base the information derived from clients on confidentiality and standing on it as its core value, third party or referral of clients challenges/issues cannot be handled without the consent of the client.

An individual can be referred by anyone including parents or guardian and a potential client can self-refer.

The Counselling Unit is committed to helping individuals work through challenges they might be facing.


Landmark University Counselling Unit functions based on the following services rendered;


Counsellor helps an individual to understand, explore and work through the challenges faced by the client on an individual level. The individual counselling services can help clients better understand himself or herself the more in other to expand choices and overcome challenges hindering their personal life development.

Individual are faced with varieties of challenges which can either be handled within a short period of time or such challenge can be present for a longer period of time. Meeting with the counsellor can help address such issues and proffer solution to it.

Issues handled by the Counselling Unit includes 

  • Assisting students to adjust to college life through orientation
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Family conflicts
  • Substance abuse
  • Learning disability
  • Fostering discipline and responsible behavior
  • Abuse either sexual, emotional among other.

This consist of a small number of people ranging between Eight (3) to Ten (10) individuals with like concerns. This counselling service provide a safe place in which it works on personal and interpersonal concerns of clients

Members of the group counselling can equally discuss perception of each other and receive feedbacks on how they are viewed by others. This counselling services is based on confidentiality more reason why it is different from normal/ ordinary group of people.


Clients are offered the opportunity of been accessed with the use of standardized test as applicable to clients concerns. This enables both counsellor and client to be able to proffer solution to the challenges easily.


LMUCU has been involved in several events such as organizing of Career talk for underperforming students, involving in community development program organized by the Student Council development unit and involving in the annual orientation program organized by the Directorate of Student Affairs.


  • The Counselling Unit has been able to provide services that aim at assisting people to maximize their overall growth, academic and personal-social problems, and challenges for all round development. 
  • The Counselling Unit has assisted students to identify and recognize their interest, values, abilities and capacities, skills and positive personality traits and to match these with their chosen careers.
  • The Counselling Unit has equipped students with knowledge, values, and experiences and prepare them for the world of work or self-employment.


Counselling Unit is located at the Engineering workshop of the University.

Office Hour; 9:00am- 5:00pm, Mondays – Fridays

Other times by appointment as the webmail is available for bookings; 

For any personal, social, academic or family related concerns, feel free to come to Landmark University Counselling Unit. Looking forward to meeting you!

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