Landmark University Centre for Learning Resources, in collaboration with SDG4 (Quality Education) commemorated the World Poetry Day with the theme: Connecting the mind and the letters through poetry.

The programme started by 11:30 a.m. with an opening prayer by Mrs Akingbade Toyin, after which the University anthem was sang and was led by Mr. Niyi, Adekanye.

Mrs Okocha Foluke gave her welcome address on behalf of the Director, Centre for Learning Resources. In her opening remarks, she acknowledged the proprietor base and management of Landmark University on which platform the programme was organised as she also appreciated other management and staff of Landmark University and the various secondary schools present for their cooperation in making the programme a great success. She also explained that the World Poetry Day is an event that is commemorated globally and encouraged all students to be attentive so as to gain important lessons from the presentation by the speakers. She went further to introduce the theme of this year’s event which is: Connecting the mind and the letters through poetry. Thereafter, the M.E. introduced Dr. Akanmode and welcomed her for her presentation.

In the introduction of her presentation, she stated that book should be eaten if knowledge must be acquired and presented a poem titled: Knowledge kitchen.

She explained that until we eat a book daily like our meal we will continue to live in ignorance, for in a book is a hidden treasures of life. Once you discover the treasure, you will dine and wine with kings and queens. She also called out three students from different schools to read the poem and analyze the written poem.

The first reader was Oladipo Blessing from Government Christian School who read a stanza of the poem. Also a student from Aperan Comprehensive School Segun came up to read and analyze a stanza of the poem. The third person that came up to analyze a line of the poem “Never to live like a chicken” was from Landmark University Secondary School. 

The next on the programme was the first poem: Reading Culture led by Mr. Niyi Adekanye. He brought up three students (poet) from different schools to present their poem on reading Culture while a team was set to evaluate and judge the presentation.

The first poet was Covenant Adeyemi from Government Christian School on “open a book” while the second poet was Elizabeth Ayeni from Aperan Comprehensive School on “a reading culture” and the third poet Oluwalolimi from Landmark University Secondary School. 

After the first poem, the M.E. encouraged the students that they have left a footprint on the sand of time by their presentation and generations will live to remember them. And he also welcomed the second set of students for the second poem: Self Discipline.

The first speaker was from Landmark University Secondary School and he spoke on “where the cock crows” while the second speaker was Oladipo Blessing from Government Christian School and the title of her poem was “Self Discipline” she said the “reward of self-discipline is excellent” and the third presenter was Afolarin Peace from Aperan Comprehensive School who also spoke on “Self Discipline” and she said “he who adopt self-discipline adopt abundant life” 

After the presentation by the poets, evaluation was made to know the best poems by the team member.

Dr. Dada came on stage for his contributions/remarks, he talked about the preparations. He said “preparation before an event is good, not preparing at the point of the programme” He concluded by saying, we ought to always prepare whether or not there’s a programmme or event. He also encouraged the students to always have a long vision and the Lord will take you there.

After Dr. Dada’s remark, the M.E. welcomed staff from the department of Mass Communication for their presentation, Mr Toba Adekeye and Miss Damilola Adegbola on “Great minds and brains” from a stanza of their poem, they said; its you that holds yourself back from your dreams, no matter how hard it is, you have got to believe in your very self. For when the mind is free, it welcomes new thoughts. And in conclusion they said, For your mind is your parachute let it go and set it free. 

Mrs Alayemola, came on stage to announce the result of the presentation by the students. She said, so many things where used to evaluate the students in other to know the winner, things like; the mood which consist of emotions and thoughts that was put into the poems, the figures of speech, the beauty of the poem and the relevance. And in conclusion, Aperan Comprehensive School came first, Government Christian School came second and Landmark University Secondary School came third. 

Dr. Akanmode came up to emphasis on the poetic presentations. After which the VC was welcomed for her contributions/remarks. She talked on training our minds to connect to doing the right things at all time. 

After the VC’s remarks, the DCLR and the VC was called up for the presentation of award and certificate to the students and group photograph was taken immediately with each of the schools. The vote of thanks was done by Dr. Ogundokun. The closing prayer was led by Dr. Dada as the programme ended by 1:50pm