Maintaining the ecological integrity of our campus environment is of critical importance to Landmark University. Introducing and propagating alien species can disrupt our native ecosystems, alter natural processes, and threaten our natural heritage’s sustainability. Consequently, we are committed to developing and implementing a campus-wide document that effectively reduces alien species impacts.

The document applies to all areas of Landmark University’s campus, including natural habitats, landscaped areas, and buildings, where alien species may threaten native flora and fauna or ecological balance. To minimize the impact of alien species, the document establishes a framework for preventing, monitoring, and managing them.

Document Statement

  • Landmark University will promote awareness and education within the university community to prevent alien species introductions.
  •  Efforts will be made to avoid planting or introducing known invasive species in landscaping and land management practices.
  •  In landscaping and land management practices, known invasive species will be avoided. 
  • In order to identify the presence of alien species on campus, Landmark University will establish a monitoring and reporting system.
  • As soon as an alien species is detected, a rapid response team will be mobilized to assess the situation, develop a management plan, and take action to contain or eradicate the species. 
  • A comprehensive management plan will be developed and implemented by Landmark University for controlling and reducing the impact of established alien species.
  •  Integrated pest management strategies will be employed to minimize the use of chemical treatments.
  •  Control measures will prioritize the protection of native species and the preservation of ecosystem integrity.
  • Landmark University will actively support research related to the impact and management of alien species on our campus.
  • Collaborative partnerships with local and regional organizations, as well as government agencies, will be encouraged to address alien species issues collectively.
  •  Efforts will be made to restore areas impacted by alien species through native plantings and habitat restoration.
  • Landmark University will maintain a commitment to ecological restoration and the conservation of native biodiversity.
  •  Compliance with this document is mandatory for all university personnel and contractors.
  •  A designated committee will oversee the implementation of this document, regularly reviewing and updating the plan as needed.

Landmark University is dedicated to the responsible stewardship of our campus environment. This document reflects our commitment to conserving the natural heritage of our grounds by reducing the impact of alien species. By working together as a community, we can safeguard the ecological health and biodiversity of our campus for present and future generations.

Dr. T. T. Alori

SDG 15 Team Leads