The first meeting brought the willing members together for recognition. At this meeting Dr E.T Alori was  chosen as coordinator and Miss Faith was acted as secretary. During this meeting Dr. Alori was  redirected to move to SDG 1 (No poverty) as coordinator while Dr. Adekiya was redirected to SDG 15  (Life on land). 


The second meeting came up on September 2nd, 2020 at International Exhibition Centre, Landmark  University. At this meeting Dr. S.O. Olawoye was selected as secretary to complement Dr. Adekiya  coordinating assignment as Miss Faith was not available in the group meeting on that day. During the  meeting Dr. Adekiya urged the members to be committed as that is the only we can fulfill the mandate of  our SDG group. He further summarily spelt out the main goals of SDG 15 as: Protect, restore and  promote sustainable use terrestrial use of terrestrial ecosystem. Sustainability way of managing forests  through combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. From the  aims, members through deliberations summarily concluded that the general idea is to centre our research  on two major headings which are:  

I. The land resources which includes land, plants, animals, etc. 

II. Sustainable ways of managing the life of resources against extinction 

Based on the above, three major likely research clusters were suggested:  

i. Sustainability of land resources 

ii. Reclamation of degrading/degraded land and its resources / protection of some resources  against extinction 

iii. Dissemination of valuable information to the end users of land 

At the close of the meeting, the coordinator appreciated members to be up and doing.  

The last meeting was held on September 17th, 2020 at the same venue. In this meeting, emphasis was  laid on the actual aim of the SDG 15 and in broad sense it was concluded that sustainability of land  resources; land, animals and plants that connotes forestry, arable crops and likes should be look into as to  fortress the production. On this note it was suggested that our research should include some plants  tending towards extinction such as walnut, mushroom; the use of hydroponic as means of in odd areas  etc. and reclamation of degraded land due to physical and chemical weathering, deforestation, effect of  the use of chemicals on useful edible fungi , animals, etc. as to boost life/production. From this  deliberation Dr. Alori suggested that the group should identify and choose the study area while Dr.  Adegbite buttressed the idea that land testing and awareness as how the land should be managed by the  end users through information should be included. At conclusion of the third meeting (17 – 09 – 20), the  coordinator encouraged members to work fast before the next meeting slated for October 6th when we  shall conclude on the cluster groups and research topics.  

So far only six members has been turn up for the meeting namely:  

1. Dr. A. O. Adekiya – Coordinator 

2. Dr. S.O. Olawoye – Secretary 

3. Dr. K.A. Adegbite – Member 

4. Dr C. M. Aboyeji – Member

5. Dr. E.T. Alori – Member 6. Ayojimi Adebukola Member 

DR. A.O Adekiya