Access to cultural heritage sites

Access to cultural heritage sites

SDG 11 Activity: The SDG 11 team paid a visit to the two natural heritage sites in Kwara  State, namely Imoleboja Rock Shelter and Owu Waterfall. We were unable to get a guide  to tour Imoleboja. The aim of the visit was to take capture the sites in picture and video  with the aim of making information about these sites available to tourist and other  stakeholders. 

Information about Imolejoba rockshelter  

( Imoleboja is a massive  granite rock with inner apartments capable of accommodating a large number of people.  In the local dialect of the people it means ‘God has built a house’. It is found in Odo-Owa,  Kwara state. This is a massive rock formation with natural architectural design, capable of  accommodating about 100 people at a time. It is a good site for picnic and monumental  experience and culturally viewed by the people as a rock of refuge. The Rockshelter at  various times served as a safety hide-out for local maidens protesting against their peers  who engaged in pre-marital relations and become pregnant. 

Location: Located at Odo-Owa in Oke-Ero LGA. It is about 8.7km from Landmark  University and 17 minutes drive accessible by road

Information about Owu Waterfall  

Owu Waterfall is a waterfall located in Owa Kajola in Ifelodun Local Government Area of  Kwara State, Nigeria. It’s the highest waterfall in West Africa measuring 120m above the  water level and cascades 330 feet down an escarpment, with rocky out crops to a pool of  ice-cold water below. There myths that the volume of the fall increase with shout of  OWUUUU. 

Owu falls is about 43km from Landmark University and is 1hr 15min drive by road.

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