Public outreach to sensitize the energy users in the Omu-Aran community was  organized by the College of Engineering with the focus on two SDGs mandate; clean  and affordable energy as well as sustainable cities, and with the support of NSE  Omuaran Branch. The theme of the public outreach was “Energy saving measures:  Make a Big Difference” 

The College of Engineering team and SDG 7 members were mobilized before June 23,  2022. The participants met in front of the old college building before taking off. Out  of all items approved for the outreach, only the following were eventually provided  by Landmark University for the campaign program; 

I. 300 copies of a campaign flyer 

II. 50 energy-saving bulbs 

The proposed venue cost #50,000 but since our budget could not accommodate it,  we were graciously granted the Local Government Chamber which was equally  adequate. NSE Omuaran must be commended for this bail out.  

We recorded impressive turnout despite failure of CSIS to provide Public Address  system as captured in the budget and also last minute disappointment of Transport  office to provide transportation. College of Engineering and SDG 7 members arrived  at the venue at 12:42 am and fully kitted in farm overall.This stood us out distinctly. 

Before the commencement of the programme, the organizers went into the community to carry out sensitization; enlighten people, and distributed campaign flyers to people in their shops as well as at homes. The event started at 1:15 pm with  an opening prayer by Engr. Dr. Okoji. The audience comprised the local government  staff, College of Engineering staff, Youth corps members, and people from the  community. Engr Abioye of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystem directed the order of the programme. The opening remark was delivered by the Dean of the  College of Engineering, Prof. Ojediran who lauded the commitment of the  management to make a meaningful impact on the Omu-Aran community. He 

emphasized the benefits of the energy-saving measures and further charged the  audience to take responsibility in taking action to minimize energy usage.  

Following the Dean’s opening remark and the first presentation, the NSE President  Omu-Aran chapter delivered the second talk. He reeled out some of the action steps  the audience could take to manage their energy usage thereby preventing overbilling.  He further explained how electricity generated was being distributed and the need to  efficiently use it. 

The third presentation was delivered by Engr Adedayo of the Department of Electrical and Electronics. He thanked the proprietor base and the management of Landmark  University for this rare opportunity to enlighten the community on the practices to  cut energy usage. He emphasized the unplugging of electrical gadgets and electronics  when not in use and he concluded by giving the audience the tips to avoid  overloading the energy grids. 

The fourth presentation was delivered by Dr. A. O. Falowo of the Department of  Chemical Engineering. In his address, he outlined the goals and targets of SDG 7 as  well as the importance of the action steps of SDG 7 on the environment and the  community. He further sensitized the audience on the use of energy-saving bulbs  instead of incandescent bulbs, and the use of energy-saving appliances instead of  energy-draining appliances. 

After the fourth presentation, there was an interactive session where participants were  allowed to ask questions and seek clarification. The speakers responded to their  questions. 

Thereafter free energy-saving bulbs were distributed to the audience as a token to  demonstrate the commitment of the Landmark University to the wellbeing of  Omuaran community. 

In the absence of the Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Ojediran on account  of an urgent meeting with the Chancellor, a closing remark was delivered by the team  lead for SDG 7, Dr. Falowo. A group photograph was taken at the end of the event,  and the closing prayer was said by a member of the audience. The programme ended  at 2.34 pm. Video clips and photographs have been forwarded to DLUCRID.


All glory to God for a successful outing despite several last minute disappointments. The College in conjunction with SDG 7 wishes to place on record the immense  support and executive approval by the Vice-Chancellor which culminated in the  success of this Campaign. God bless you Ma.  

Some critical observation.  

1. After budget was drastically scaled down, approval for release of funds only  got to Accounts 3 weeks after execution of the project. I have insisted that the  fund be returned back to the treasury since we do not need it anymore. 

2. When units have been saddled with responsibilities as approved by the Vice Chancellor and duly followed up, there should be no reason for non performance on the D-day, thereby plunging organizers into confusion. I used  my car and other staff vehicles to be conveying people while sourcing for  alternative PA system, Generator and Venue. It was quite stressful. 

3. As at the time this Campaign was being planned, nobody envisaged the visit of  the Chancellor, but to call off such an important Community Impact Initiative  especially when people were already gathered, would have presented  Landmark in bad light. Though I eventually had to leave the programme for  other team members to continue, this altered the initial elaborate plan. We  appeal that for any such official assignment that has received Management  blessing and approval, apologies can be tendered on our behalf to the  Chancellor who definitely understand. 

Ojediran, J.O. 

For the team.