Report on the Commemoration of World Read Aloud Day 2024

Each year, World Read Aloud Day unites people worldwide in the shared activity of reading aloud, advocating for literacy as an essential human right. In 2024, the theme, “Celebrating the Power of Reading Aloud,” aimed at encouraging children and adults to grab a book, find an audience and read aloud!  Research has shown that reading aloud to young children can improve their vocabulary, listening skills, and their ability to recognize words.

In congruence with the cardinal purpose of any university which includes teaching, research and community development, the Centre for Learning Resources (CLR) at Landmark University initiated a community development programme to commemorate World Read Aloud Day 2024. Led by the Director, Centre for Learning Resources, Dr. Ayooluwa Aregbesola, the CLR team, accompanied by representatives of Landmark University Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) Group visited two public primary schools, St. Paul Primary School Omu-Aran and Community Primary School Ipetu, on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 

The reception from the Head Teachers of the respective schools was enthusiastic, reflecting the importance of the initiative. The high point of the event was the interactive reading sessions, where members of the CLR team took turns reading aloud stories from donated books to the pupils, who were also invited to read aloud. The atmosphere was filled with both enjoyment and valuable learning experiences for all involved, showcasing the eagerness of the pupils to engage with literature. 

This outreach underscored the significance of fostering closer ties between the University and immediate communities. The Head Teachers expressed gratitude for the initiative, acknowledging its positive impact on their morale and sense of importance in nurturing pupils, particularly within challenging local contexts. They appealed to the Director to relay their message to Landmark University’s management, advocating for further developmental projects that would benefit both pupilss and teachers.

In response, the Director, Centre for Learning Resources, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of Landmark University, Prof. Kolawole Ajanaku, assured sustained support for the schools, affirming their status as priority recipients of educational programmes facilitated by the Centre for Learning Resources. He emphasized the university’s commitment to the schools as “pet projects,” endorsed by the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, who champions initiatives and humanitarian services in underserved communities.

Following the reading sessions, books were donated to the pupils, and refreshments were served, evoking jubilation and gratitude among the recipients. The CLR team left with a resolve to make such outreach a continuous effort rather than a one-time event, ensuring the enduring promotion of a reading culture within these communities. In closing, the Director expressed appreciation to Landmark University’s management for their support, acknowledging their pivotal role in the success of the programme.